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"Inmate #43B"
Her entire family was locked up under the pretense of criminal insanity. While in prison, said affliction became a reality.
Details Unverified
Tier 3 unit
65 HP
Attack DPS
5 DPS, spins up to 25 DPS after 6s. Spins down in 2s.
Attack Cooldown
0.1 - 0.5 sec
4 tile(s)
Warren Cost
180 Food
Unit Cost
180 Food
Build Time
40 sec
1 Unit(s) per Warren


Inmate #43B aka the "Badger" is a minigun-wielding monster able to tear through armies like nobody's business. In combat, her rate of fire ramps up over 6 seconds to achieve a massive 25 DPS, the highest of any unit in the game. A fully revved up Badger retains her maximum rate of fire until she stops attacking, at which point she will return to her original low DPS after 2 seconds of being inactive. She and Boar are also the only units that are able to both move and shoot at the same time. However, unlike Uncle Butter, she can attack while moving at her normal speed, making her deceptively hard to kill in certain scenarios.


Badger is a fragile yet potent unit available from the Tier-3 section. She has the ability to rev up her minigun to increase her DPS over time; the longer she is kept alive and in battle, the more damage she can dish out. The Badger is also able to move while shooting, providing great harass to the opponents' armies while staying safe from enemy gunfire.

Playing With Badger[]

Badger has the highest DPS in the game, but in order for her to achieve such damage, she needs time to rev up her minigun gun and get to that stage. Units that have a lot of health can buy time for her, such as Moles and Chameleons. She can also be assisted by the Pigeons, which allow her to regain health while in the middle of a battle. By doing this, she can dish out considerable damage, and weather any damage she takes from enemy lines. Take advantage of the fact that she can both attack and move at the same time; doing so will allow her to stay in combat (and keep her DPS bonuses) while taking minimal damage.

Playing against Badger[]

Badger is a unit that needs to be in an all-out fight in order for her to achieve full potential. Avoiding full-blown battles will severely decrease the Badger's DPS, as she needs time to rev up her weapon. Additionally, she loses speed (and therefore, DPS) in a short time when out of combat. If a full conflict is unavoidable, try bursting down the Badger before she reaches top speeds, using units such as Lizards or Falcons. You can also use Snakes and Fox in order to whittle her down; this will force her to leave the battle and lose her strong DPS bonus.


  • Considering that her gun in the art has ridging on the barrel shroud and only one barrel, it's not a minigun. It's a Maxim gun, likely modeled off the Russian "PM M1910" or "Maxim's machine gun model 1910".
  • Inmate #34-B is voiced by Katrina Salisbury



  • Release 1.0.3:
    • Badger Health now 60 (was 50),
    • Warm up time now 6 secs (was 4)
    • Wind down time 1 sec (was 2)
  • Pre-Alpha 27:
    • now has 50 DEF, down from 60
  • Pre-Alpha 25:
    • Is now 60 DEF, down from 70
  • Pre-Alpha 24.01:
    • Is now 4 ATK, down from 5
  • Pre-Alpha 24:
    • Is now 70 DEF, up from 60
  • Pre-Alpha 22:
    • Damage now 30 (was 20)
  • Pre-Alpha 16:
    • Hitpoints now 50 (was 70)
    • Damage now 20 (was 30)
    • Can now move while firing
    • Minigun warmup now 6 seconds (was 5s)
  • Pre-Alpha 15:
    • Hitpoints now 70 (was 60)
  • Pre-Alpha 14:
    • Hitpoints now 60 (was 50)
  • Pre-Alpha 11:
    • This patch changed the “damage per 5 seconds” system to a “damage per second” system.Therefore, damage values have to be divided by 5 before they are comparable.
    • Damage now 30 (was 28)
  • Pre-Alpha 4:
    • Damage now 140 (was 100)
    • Minigun will now wind down twice as fast than it does warming up
  • Pre-Alpha 3:
    • Now yields a minigun instead of a machinegun
    • Minigun now warms up to full damage over 5 seconds
  • Pre-Alpha 1:
    • Damage now 100 (was 80)
    • Hitpoints now 50 (was 40)

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