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"Barbed Wire - Feather Wire"
Legend has it that the first shipment of barbed wire was mislabeled, "Feathers" by an overworked Operator. The name stuck ever since.
1 seconds
Unit Cost
20 Food
1 tiles
Barbed Wire
Slows enemies down by 50%. Deals damage to nearby enemies. Cannot be targeted by ranged units or toads.


Barbed Wire's primary use is to slow down and advancing army. It takes ten seconds to build, so some forethought is required as to when and where an enemy army will come from. As it cannot be targeted by ranged unit, the only way to remove barbed wire from play is to walk up close to it, giving it some potential as a trap when combined with other units.

Bookbot's Description

Barbed wires are great against any ground unit, if you park them around your base, and a great deterrent against ranged units. Melee units are the only ones that can kill barbed wires so they either have to take some damage walking through it or take more damage trying to take it down.


  • Barbed wire can be used as a method of monitoring a choke point. Regularly checking whether barbed wire has been destroyed in a choke point can give an indication of whether an enemy army has passed that way.
  • When you build them, put one tile space in between them for maximum coverage.

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