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Pocketwatch Games was founded in 2005 by programmer/designer/artist Andy Schatz. The one-man indie studio was first known for creating the IGF Grand Prize nominated ecosystem-sim game Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa and the subsequent game Venture Arctic. Pocketwatch had a breakout year in 2010 when the indie co-op heist game Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine won the Grand Prize and Excellence in Design in the Independent Games Festival. Monaco was released on April 24, 2013, garnering wide praise and selling over a million copies on PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox Live Arcade. Over the years, Pocketwatch has worked with a number of other important team members, including Monaco's Producer and Level Designer, Andy Nguyen, and Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory. Pocketwatch Games is located in San Diego, CA.[1]

The "TOOTH AND TAIL" production team[]

  • Andy Schatz - Designer, Programmer
  • Andy Nguyen - Designer, Producer
  • Dexter Friedman - Programmer
  • Alex Ferbrache - Programmer
  • Adam deGrandis - Art Director
  • Brian Franco - Web Developer
  • Austin Wintory - Composer
  • Power Up Audio - Sound Design