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"Kasha, Farmhand"
She spent her summers sitting on the roof, picking off rustlers and interlopers. She hates the city, and is happy to be back at home in the countryside.
Details Unverified
Tier 3 unit
25 HP
Attack DPS
Attack Delay
0.2 sec
Attack Cooldown
1.8 sec
6 tile(s)
Warren Cost
180 Food
Unit Cost
180 Food
Build Time
40 sec
1 Unit(s) per Warren
Sniper and Swift


Kasha, the Farmhand, also known as "Fox", is a Tier-3 Sniper, able to outright kill most units in one or two shots at a range of 6 tiles. Unlike other ground units, Kasha can see like fliers and has the added benefits of being swift, making her very difficult to capture.


With her added vision and swift speed, Kasha is at her best when she's picking off units from a distance and running away before anything can catch her. To use her effectively, she needs a fair bit of micro control as well as map awareness.

Playing with Fox[]

When you have a fox, you want to be constantly skirting the edge of the opponent's army picking off units whenever you can. This does two things. Firstly, it immediately decreases your opponent's army number, forcing your opponent to use up food to re-produce the units you pick off. Secondly, it forces your opponent to turn their attention to dealing with your fox or otherwise continue to waste away food on producing more units. When the opponent finally tries to retaliate, use your commander to have Kasha run a few steps back, turn around and take a shot, and run again, kiting your enemy until they either give up the chase, in which case you can pick off additional units as they flee, or they pursue you long enough that you can retaliate with your own army. That being said, be wary of where you're leading your fox during the chase; If you're not careful you may run into a dead end where she can be quickly focused down due to her low health pool. Bringing lizards or pigeons can be a good way to support the Fox, via high-ground vision, heal, and frontline, but be warned that the pigeons will not be able to keep up with the lizards' and fox's speed

Playing against Fox[]

Kasha's main disadvantage is her inability to target structures. Placing structures such as the Machine Gun Nest and the Sniper Balloon creates a zone that foxes wouldn't want to be in, lest they get shot down before being able to do anything. Kasha gets her value from constantly picking off units without retaliation, so preventing her from doing so forces your opponent to using her in a fight as opposed to the ideal scenario where she's picking off your units. In the occasion you don't have any defensive structures, your only option might be to try and chase down the fox. Take a look at the map to see if there are any dead end you might be able to corner her in and take her out. Lizards can do this much more efficiently than other units as they can match the fox's speed and can catch up to her if she stops to shoot. Alternatively, instead of taking harassment, you can take the fight to her army, as she offers relatively little compared to other tier 3 units in a straight fight due to her slow reload speed. It's best if you can get her to waste her high damage shots on tier 1 units where most of the damage is wasted in overkill. If she's trying to get hits onto your healthier targets, chances are she's out of position; if you can, try to focus her down to make her a non-factor for the rest of the fight.




  • Release 1.03:
    • Damage per shot now 18 (was 24),
    • Vision reduced to 5 (was 8)
  • Pre-Alpha 25:
    • Now 35 DEF, down from 40
    • Now stops moving for .25 seconds upon firing their weapon
  • Pre-Alpha 14:
    • Hitpoints now 40 (was 30)
  • Pre-Alpha 12:
    • Now deals twice its damage every shot
  • Pre-Alpha 11:
    • This patch changed the “damage per 5 seconds” system to a “damage per second” system.Therefore, damage values have to be divided by 5 before they are comparable.
    • Now shoots instantly instead of waiting 2.5 seconds
    • Hitpoints now 30 (was 50)
  • Pre-Alpha 10:
    • Damage now 50 (was 40)
    • Hitpoints now 50 (was 40)
  • Pre-Alpha 4:
    • Damage now 40 (was 30)
    • Can no longer attack structures
  • Pre-Alpha 1:
    • Hitpoints now 20 (was 30)
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