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Promo Poster showing Hopper, formerly also known as "Marrow"

Character Information[]

Hopper is a playable commander in Tooth and Tail, representing the Commonfolk, a faction which had sprung about in resistance to the "civilized" ways. The Common Folk are symbolic of a young Democratic state with elements of anarchy due to its lack of maturity. Her team color is red. Hopper, due to her democratic ideals, advocates a vote-based system for deciding who gets to be the food. With this said, however, things usually devolve to mob rule chaos which ultimately decides what happens. The Commonfolk are, to the other factions at least, the clown of the show, their inability to stabilize themselves and maintain order is what makes them such a fragile and vulnerable state. Hopper, herself, is missing an arm, having given it up to feed the people. Many of the Commonfolk appreciate Hopper's selfless nature, and respect her willingness to fight on their behalf.


  • During the development process, this character was referred to as "Marrow"
  • One prisoner claims that Hopper had removed her own arm, not for the benefit of the people, but to feed herself
  • Although Hopper is for the Commonfolk she reports to the mob-boss-like Matriark, and follows her orders
  • Despite Hopper's typically caring nature she seems to care little for Pigs, though she does not openly mock them like some of the other commanders.
  • Hopper's in-game dialogue suggests that there are varying dialects within the game
  • Hopper is voiced by Caitlyn Bairstow
  • Hopper's missing arm changes sides depending on the art.


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