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The portraits on top of tremormines memorialize fallen Operators. No Operator goes down without a fight, and none rests without revenge.
Details Unverified
8 HP
Attack Damage
18 Primary / 4 AoE
Attack Delay
0.25 sec
2 tile(s)
Build Cost
20 Food
Build Time
10 sec
Proxy and Landmine
Place landmines in places you think they'll walk to devastate their army before the fight even begins.


Tremormines, or "mines" for short, is one of two units with the trait proxy (the other being mole), which means they can be built outside of your territory. The mines take 10 seconds to build and stealths when finished. When an enemy unit walks within one tile of the mine, after a half-second delay, the mine explodes, dealing 18 damage to primary target and 3 damage in a 3x3 square.


Location, location, location. Good placement and forethought is essential when using Tremormines, as they are only useful if an enemy steps directly on the them. As such, knowledge of the map is very important to know where to place the mines.

Playing with Mines[]

As mentioned before, efficiently playing with mines requires a good understanding of the map. Obvious locations you'd want place your mines include chokepoints on the map leading to your base and any backdoors you might want to preemptively guard against. Try to predict where your enemy will be in the future, and place a couple down to whittle your enemy down. It may not be enough to kill any unit outright, but it'll make your opponent think twice before engaging.

Playing against Mines[]

When your opponent is playing mines, you have a few options. You can try to counter-predict your opponent and attempt to avoid his minefield all together, or you can take a few units to "disarm them" before you start a fight. Moles are ideal for this but you can also do this with other Tier-2 ground units as well (note: stealthed chameleons will not trigger mines). This way, the mine only does 3 total damage to your army rather than 3 times however-many-got-caught-in-the-explosion. If you accidentally run into a mine or two, think twice about engaging the enemy as they would have less army hp they have to deal with.

There is currently a bug in the game that allows the Leader with flag to trip mines so they're visible, and then ranged units can shoot the mines for no cost.



  • Release 1.0.3:
    • Damage to single target now 9, damage to surrounding tiles now 3 (was 3 to all tiles)
    • Range reduced to 3x3 square (was 5x5)
  • Pre-Alpha 28:
    • The bonus single target damage for landmines have been removed
    • Landmines will no longer do bonus damage to the unit that triggered them
  • Pre-Alpha 27:
    • damage reduced to 12 ATK, down from 16
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