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"Fat Boris"
20 (dies after 5 minutes)
1 second
Warren Cost
60 Food
Unit Cost
4 tiles
Pistol, Farmer

Pigs are the primary source of food in Tooth and Tail, and are used in-game as farmers whose job is to power Gristmills that provide the supplies for each faction’s armies. While their primary role is to produce food, pigs are capable of defending gristmills against enemy attacks, though with a very low DPS of 1. Although pigs have more HP then any Tier 1 unit, they should be protected in the early game, as rebuilding them is both costly and time consuming. After 5 total minutes of life a pig will die (this is due to their farm being depleted), when this occurs the players commander will note that this has occurred.


*Strategy is largely dependent on your own unit composition, your opponent's unit composition, as well as map layout and other factors. Please take these suggestions with a grain of salt.*

Despite pigs ability to defend your gristmill, they should be protected throughout the game in order to provide a consistent source of food. Placing warrens in front of farms that are facing an enemy base is an effective way to create a buffer between the pigs and enemy units. While the destruction of a warren is seldom a good thing, the loss of a pig is far more costly as your food income will be reduced.

Playing with Pigs[]

As mentioned, there are a number of factors to consider when managing your pigs. Firstly it is important to know how many nearby gristmills one has, in order to determine how quickly the player can deplete all of their starting farms. It is therefore important to decide how much time and initial food one is willing to put into creating additional pigs, weighing if units are needed early to defend against aggressive players. Due to the importance of pigs, and the damage caused by losing them, it is critical in the early game to protect your pigs, therefore should you notice your enemy going for an aggressive play it may be wise to place warrens around exposed farms.

Dealing with Pigs[]

All enemy players will be using pigs throughout the course of the game, as such it is imperative to know how to handle them. Scouting how many pigs an enemy is building within the first couple of minutes into the game, is an excellent way to know if they are planning to rush, expand or turtle up. If your opponent has few pigs, and is planning on rushing you, attacking and destroying a single pig can have disastrous results for your opponent, if you opponent has many pigs, then attacking from one side should allow you to only engage in some of the pigs, thereby letting you kill multiple farms without much retaliation. As the game progresses into the mid and later stages, killing pigs becomes somewhat less impactful, as armies are often large enough to take down entire gristmills fairly quickly.



Gentle in nature, and content with their role as livestock, Pigs find comfort in small things such as checkers and art but are happy all the same doing nothing. Despite their gentleness and importance as farmers Pigs are treated as a sub-species, often verbally abused and ignored. Some animals such as the Quartermaster go so far as to berate them when they offer advice or information. Even Bellafide finds them pathetic creatures, showing little care or remorse when conversing with a melancholic Pig about her partners fate in the Gristmill.