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"Thermal Airsniper"
There's an old saying among Balloon Operators: "Stay alert, stay on target, and never, ever, look down."
Details Unverified
20 HP
Attack DPS
Attack Cooldown
2 sec
6 tile(s)
Build Cost
120 Food
Build Time
20 sec
Flying and Sniper
The Sniper Balloon excels at zone control and eliminating single high health enemies.


Thermal Airsnipers or "Sniper Balloons" or "Balloons", for short, are your of defensive structure if you want vision and stopping power. Similar to Kasha, the Farmhand, the sniper balloon shoots a target within range (excluding structures), dealing 12 damage per hit, before reloading for 2 second. The sniper balloon also gives 6 more tiles of vision than the average unit making them ideal guard "towers".


Thanks to their `Sniper` trait as well as their `Flying` trait, Sniper Balloons are an excellent way to keep eyes open on the map. The extra range on their snipers also make them an ample defense as they can usually shoot down a few units before the enemy can react.

Playing with Sniper Balloon[]

Since the sniper balloon gives you a lot of vision, you want to place it where it'll give you the most information, but also in a place where it can be well defended. Sniper balloons have a lot of power behind their shots but are slow and fairly fragile. As a result, an unprotected balloon can be swarmed and focused down quickly. Placing them on high ground can also give a first-strike advantage, giving more time for your balloon to take out more. The balloon can also be used as a way to deny your opponent scouting information. Early in the game, commanders don't have much hp and will mostly likely be stopped before getting too far into your base.

Playing against Sniper Balloon[]

Sniper balloon may hit for a lot but their main weakness is their slow attack speed. For example, a shot every 2 seconds to kill a squirrel is essentially 4 dps (8 damage in 2 seconds) as the rest of the damage is wasted on overkill. If a balloon is unguarded, it is in your best interest to take it out quickly and retreat before the enemy can retaliate. Doing so will deny him vision and let you move more freely under the cover of the fog of war and give your enemy less time to react to your attacks. If your enemy has a sniper balloon very early on in the game, try to find way into their base to scout it; they may be trying to do something sneaky.



  • Release 1.0.3
    • Damage per shot now 16 (was 12)
Tier 1 Squirrel  •  Lizard  •  Toad  •  Pigeon  •  Mole
Tier 2 Ferret  •  Chameleon  •  Falcon  •  Skunk  •  Snake
Tier 3 Badger  •  Boar  •  Fox  •  Owl  •  Wolf
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