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Character Information[]

Promo Poster showing The Quartermaster

The Quartermaster is a playable commander in Tooth and Tail. Her units currently carry the colour green.

Leader of the faction which represents Authoritarianism, the Quartermaster leads the K.S.R., a secret police tasked with keeping peace in the nation. The K.S.R. became involved in the fighting to quell the Revolution, but now fights to bring peace to the nation, no matter what the cost. Their authoritarian outlook upon how a nation should be run becomes evermore apparent as the story progresses, with that said, however, the K.S.R. champion peace and order above all else. The Quartermaster often uses Military style units in combat; the gas mask wearing AFB, the Sergeant Wolf, The medics, barbed wire, artillery cannons, and the fighter falcons. The Quartermaster lives by a number of rules that she can be seen quoting during missions, if these are her own rules or taken from somewhere else is unknown. Her network of spies within other factions and her research into new military technology is prevalent during her campaign though if she began utilizing these assets before the revolution is uncertain. While an intimidating figure the Quartermaster seems to care about helping the people survive, though she shows disdain for the Commonfolk due to their stealing of supplies.


  • It is joked at by Hopper that The Quartermaster removed her own eye because she was hungry, though it is never stated what truly happened to it.
  • The Quartermaster is shown as a fairly compassionate person whose disdain for the other factions comes mostly from their willingness to harm other creatures
    • This compassion is further explored when she argues that the war is not good for any side, and simply wants to fight so that it may be ended quicker
  • The Quartermaster's cape is show being on both her left and right arm in game, as her sprite will be show with it regardless of which arm is facing the player
  • The Quartermaster seems to have a set of rules which she reminds the player of as the game progresses. How many rules or who wrote them is unknown; an example is rule Rule #8 "Study failures as often as successes"
  • The Quartermaster is voiced by Elspeth Eastman


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