Tooth and Tail Wiki

Traits are characteristics of units found within the game, and are not exclusive to commanders but typically to the unit they are attached too. This list has been created to help players understand the capabilities of each unit, and what makes them unique. For more information about units or characters click on the unit's name within the table. Commanders do not have traits and behave the same in combat the primary difference between them is what color your units will be as well as which flavor text they use throughout the game.

Trait Name Description Character(s)
Artillery ·       Unit has 8 range and +1 vision

·       Unit can only target ground units

·       Ferret

·       Drumfire Canon

Barbed Wire ·       Slows enemy movement by 50%

·       Deals damage over time (2 DPS)

·       Affects commanders

·       Barbed wire
Flamethrower ·       Ignites 10 tiles at 4 range, dealing 1 DPS

·       Cannot hit flying unites

·       Does double damage to buildings

·       “Uncle Butter” Boar
Flying ·       Cannot be targeted by most ground units

·       Has unhindered vision

·       “Matriark” Owl

·       Pigeon

·       Falcon

·       Sniper Balloon

Grenade ·       Releases poisonous gas that does damage over time

·       Does 3 DPS and lasts 15 seconds

·       Additional hits only extend the tiles covered by the gas

·       Cannot target structures

·       “AFB” Skunk
Medic ·       Heals units for 1 HPS

·       Must be in Melee range

·       HPS can stack

·       Pigeon
Melee ·       Unit can only hit targets next to it

·       Cannot hit flying targets

·       Can destroy barbed wire

·       Chameleon
Minigun ·       Begins its attacks slowly but gains speed through constant fire

·       DPS increases as unit attacks

·       Can move and attack

·       “Inmate #43B” Badger
Pistol ·       Can attack both ground and air units at 4 range ·       Pig

·       Squirrel

Proxy ·       Can be built anywhere on the map ·       Mole

·       Landmine

Sniper ·       6 range and +1 vision

·       6 range and +6 vision

·       Cannot target enemy structures

·       Has a large delay between attacks (2 seconds)

·       “Kasha” Fox

·       Sniper Balloon

Spawner ·       Summons an uncontrollable mouse that attacks anything in sight every 5 seconds

·       Mice die after 60 seconds

·       Also spawns mice on death

·       “Matriark” Owl
Spear ·       Acts as a melee attack for barbed wire

·       Has a range of 2

·       Can hit both ground and air units

·       Lizard
Stealth ·       Unit is invisible to enemy player until it attacks

·       Must stop attacking for 2 seconds before re-entering stealth

·       Chameleon
Stim ·       Allows combat units to attack twice as fast, and move as if swift

·       Allows pigs to gather meat twice as fast (farms also deplete twice as quickly)

·       Allows warrens to produce units twice as fast

·       Does NOT allow buildings to build twice as fast

·       Lasts 12 seconds

·       “Drill Sergeant Volkov” Wolf
Swift ·       Units move at twice the normal speed ·       “Kasha” Fox

·       Lizard

·       Units affected by "Stim"

Timebomb ·       Unit will self destruct upon attacking causing large damage in a 3x3 radius ·       Toad
Venomous ·       Attacks poison target at range dealing 1 DPS

·       Can stack with self or other units with this effect

·       Snake